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The WasteStation™ is a portable advanced
thermal oxidation system.  It is modular and
scalable to handle growing waste needs.

WasteStation™ - Single Primary Chamber System

WasteStation™ Features

The WasteStation is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to process bulk waste in remote or varied locations.

Modular and Expandable

Low Operating and Labor Costs

Low Maintenance Costs

Limited Material Handling

Rapid Startup and Deployment

Low Electrical consumption

Fully Automatic Control System

Large Top Load Door

Minimal Visual Footprint

Flexible Fuel Alternatives

Rugged Durable High Quality Construction

Environmentally Friendly

Safe and Reliable Operations

Low Noise

Typical Ash Stream of 5-10% by Volume

Reliable, Proven Technology

Ease of Shipping

20 Year Life Expectancy

Why choose the


Large Load Capacity

Each Waste Chamber has a large 18 cubic yard load capacity.  Up to three waste chambers’ can be combined to process up to 54 cubic yards per day.


Unique Portability and Deployment

The WasteStation™ can be quickly transported to any site and maneuvered into tight spots for very rapid deployment.  It can be quickly and easily set up and operating in a matter of hours dependent on the number of chambers installed.


Simplicity of Operations

The unit is easy to use with its automatic operations control panel and process logic control system.  It’s as simple as loading waste into the unit and pushing a button.


Low Labor Operating Requirements

Because the system gets loaded once or twice per day, the amount of time the operator is normally engaged in actual loading and operations is estimated at 20-30 minutes.


Low Maintenance Requirements

The WasteStation™ has very few moving parts; greatly reducing maintenance requirements, thereby reducing the on-going cost of operation, increasing up-time.


Limited Material Handling

The WasteStation™ operates in a batch mode, reducing waste sorting or preparation to almost nothing.  Limited sorting should occur to prevent large non-combustible items from entering the waste chamber.

WasteStation™ - 3 Primary Chamber System with Combustion Heat Re-circulation Option

The WasteStation™ is the perfect waste management

solution for many industries and uses.

DSC_0065 (1).jpg

Oil Field/Mining Man Camps

Many oil field/mining man camps are larger than the small towns and communities in the surrounding area. This puts tremendous pressure on the current waste management infrastructure and energy production in the communities.

The WasteStation™ allows oil companies to dispose of waste efficiently, manage energy and waste management costs, and convert waste to energy in an environmentally sound way.


Waste disposal and management are critical issues of focus for the U.S. Military.  Addressing the issues of open burn pits, illegal dumping, and air emissions are all resolved by use of the WasteStation™.

Security and safety issues at forward operating bases are resolved by reducing the need to transport waste out or fuel into the base, while providing a waste solution that is not harmful to military personnel.

Image by NOAA

Disaster Response

Disasters typically generate up to fifteen years worth of a community's solid waste over a few days, overwhelming day-to-day operations and leading to years of disruption.

The WasteStation™ provides an increased range of options to process a wide variety of material with a small scale, portable unit that can be deployed quickly.


Because the hospitality industry produces huge amounts of waste generated by transient customers waste management becomes a complex challenge. 

Rising waste disposal costs at resorts make installation of a WasteStation™ the perfect solution to efficient waste management, waste reduction and reducing operating costs while meeting environmental commitments, and potentially generate energy.

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