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The Medical WasteStation™ from Dynamis Energy is the solution for regulated medical waste disposal with favorable environmental performance for peace of mind for those in the medical waste industry.



Medical WasteStation™ Features

Patented Technology

The Medical WasteStation™ utilizes the Dynamis Energy patented two-stage process of batch gasification and thermal oxidation.

Assured Destruction

The gasification process ensures 90-95% destruction of the waste and the by-product of ash is sterile with minimal residual carbon.

To complete the process, the gases from the primary gasification chamber enter the secondary combustion chamber where they are mixed with oxygen (taken from ambient air) and oxidized at high temperature to complete the process.

TCLP and Microbial Survivability Testing

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test results show the ash is inert and can be used as an additive to concrete or disposed of within a landfill. The relatively low gasification temperatures minimizes the production of airborne "fly ash" particles, carryover of toxic metals, and Nox. In addition, multiple Microbial Survivability tests have shown no spore growth following medical waste destruction in the Medical WasteStation™

Why choose theMedical


Large Load Capacity

Each Waste Chamber has a large 18 cubic yard load capacity.  Up to three waste chambers’ can be combined to process up to 54 cubic yards per day.

Simplicity of Operations

The unit is easy to use with its automatic operations control panel and process logic control system.  It’s as simple as loading waste into the unit and pushing a button.

Low Labor Operating Requirements

Because the system gets loaded once or twice per day, the amount of time the operator is normally engaged in actual loading and operations is estimated at 20-30 minutes.

Low Maintenance Requirements

The Medical WasteStation™ has very few moving parts; greatly reducing maintenance requirements, thereby reducing the on-going cost of operation, increasing up-time.

Limited Material Handling

The Medical WasteStation™ operates in a batch mode, reducing waste sorting or preparation to almost nothing.  Limited sorting should occur to prevent large non-combustible items from entering the waste chamber.

Assured Destruction

The Medical WasteStation™ provides destruction via thermal gasification of medical related waste including biohazards, pathogens and chemotherapeutic wastes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and research & development institutions. Destruction by thermal gasification is a safe, secure and reliable method for disposing of bio hazardous medical waste.


Fully Automated With State of the Art Controls

The Medical WasteStation™ is the perfect solution.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Healthcare services are growing in demand due to an aging US population and rapid technology innovation. As this sector grows, so does the need for medical waste disposal. More hospitals will increasingly outsource waste disposal services, driving industry demand. Every hospital, outpatient facility, dentist office, veterinary facility, blood bank and medical research laboratory produces waste that cannot be recycled or disposed of as part of the municipal solid waste stream. A large portion of this waste is regulated medical waste (RMW), which may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials.

Image by Mufid Majnun

COVID-19 Testing Waste

Hospitals are generating as much as 6 times the normal amount during peak virus outbreaks. For some locations that was 240 metric tons. The used Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and medical supplies  from healthcare workers and patients needs to be safely discarded and destroyed.

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Environmental Impact

Hospitals and Healthcare are under increasing pressure to reduce operating costs and to reduce their carbon footprint.  The Medical WasteStation™ can help meet both of those objectives.  The Medical WasteStation™ provides a solution to assist overall integrated medical waste management needs and reduce operating costs.  The Medical WasteStation™ can also provide hot water, steam and electricity on site.

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