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Barrow, Alaska Plant - Operational since 1997

Patented Technology

The Dynamis Energy patented technology utilizes a controlled (starved) air gasification process, which thermally converts waste products into a combustible gas. The unique modular design allows for application flexibility, simple installation, and ease of operation.

Large Scale

WTE Plants

With capacities from 25 to 2000 tons per day of waste processing, our systems are ideal for small municipalities and industries, as well as large-scale waste disposal applications. By adding thermal recovery equipment, we are able to produce heat and power recovery to serve any size community or industry.

Mitigate Emissions

The Dynamis technology actively mitigates many potential emissions problems such as particulates, NOx, many toxic volatile metals and dioxins/furans. Our systems can incorporate either dry or wet scrubbers or other emission abatement systems to neutralize acid gases and absorb other dangerous by-products, such as mercury, depending on the waste type destroyed. The combustion of the primary gases in the secondary combustion system is used to reduce toxic gases at levels well below U.S. EPA limits.


State of Art


Because the Dynamis system requires no pre-treatment of waste and has few moving parts, it has many advantages over other thermal treatment systems. Its durable, simple design is easy to install and operate. Once the system is loaded it requires minimal operator attention and thus has lower labor costs.

The foundation of the Dynamis design is simple, yet utilizes state-of-the-art technology allowing a robust and efficient system which is both operational and maintenance friendly.

There are few systems that are as versatile and easy to operate as the Dynamis Energy System. No waste pre-treatment is required and its modular design makes it suitable for small projects of just a few tons per day, up to larger municipal projects of 2000 tons per day or more. 

Waste Streams Processed
  • Untreated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

  • MSW with organic fraction removed for composting

  • Biomass wastes, mixed brush, farm harvest clean up

  • Industrial packaging wastes

  • Industrial process wastes

  • Construction and Demolition waste, minus concrete and drywall

  • Tires (whole and partial)

  • Electronic waste (E-Waste)

  • Dry sewage sludge

  • Mixed waste plus oils, oily absorbent wastes

  • Mixed waste plus clinical waste

  • Medical waste and x-ray films

  • Auto fluff

  • More, contact us to find out

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