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Media Downloads

Dynamis Energy Project Questionnaire
Basic questions to know when discussing a Waste to Energy Project.
Dynamis Energy WasteStation Medical
Brochure describes using the WasteStation to dispose of medical waste.
Dynamis Energy WasteStation
Brochure describes portable waste to energy system called the WasteStation™.
Barrow Alaska Plant Pictorial
Brochure depicts in pictures the construction of the 30 ton per day plant in Barrow Alaska.
Dynamis Energy Technology and Process
Brochure describes the process of the Dynamis technology and also presents a history of the technology development.
Dynamis Energy Environmental
Brochure describes the environmental advantages and performance of the Dynamis Technology..
Dynamis Energy Short WasteStation™ Video
This video show the WasteStation™ with 1 Primary Waste Chamber in operation.
Dynamis Energy WasteStation™ FGR Video
This is drone video footage of the WasteStation™ FGR.  This unit has 3 primary waste chambers and utilizes the flue gas re-circulation option to begin the combustion process.


Dynamis Energy Barrow Waste Plant Video
This plant in Barrow Alaska was commissioned in 1996 and continues operation today.  There have been updates to system since this video was made.





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