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Dynamis Energy provides technology solutions to transform stranded and discarded waste into energy and other useful products. 
Dynamis Energy’s technology solutions for converting waste to energy represents a more environmentally sound option that is far superior to landfill and earlier waste destruction and energy creation processes. Our processes reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decrease harmful emissions, and provide numerous immeasurable long-term benefits, creating a new path toward a sustainable and cleaner world.

Clean Energy from the World's Waste


There are few systems that are as versatile and easy to operate as the Dynamis Energy System. No waste pre-treatment is required and its modular design makes it suitable for small projects of just a few tons per day, up to larger municipal projects of 1000 tons per day or more. 

  • No pre-treatment of waste

  • Mitigate emissions

  • Modular, scalable designs

  • Reclaim recyclable materials

  • Wide spectrum of wastes

  • Minimize residual ash

  • Tactical deployment of units

  • Low maintenance systems



Dynamis Energy's WasteStation is modular and expandable, converting 1 to 6 tons of trash per day in the form of paper, wood (e.g. pallets), plastic, agricultural waste, and food into electricity and heat.  The container-sized system uses our  gasification process to provide a highly-efficient and environmentally friendly means to derive energy value from refuse.   



Dynamis Energy LLC was formed in 2010 in Idaho to commercialize a state of the art proprietary waste-to-energy technology.  We design and build low emission, state of the art waste to energy plants.


Product Inquiries:

Jack Abbott

Tel. 208-515-6208


776 E. Riverside Drive

Suite 150

Eagle, ID 83616

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