Dynamis Energy is your best source for value-driven, environmentally sound, global turnkey waste-to-energy services. 

Dynamis Energy LLC was formed in Southwest Idaho to commercialize a state of the art proprietary waste-to-energy technology.  We design, build and own, low emission, low capital, and low operating and maintenance cost waste to energy plants.
Our proprietary technology for converting waste-to-energy represents an environmentally sound option that is superior to other alternative energy and waste removal processes. Our patented process reduces reliance on fossil fuels, decreases harmful emissions and provides numerous immeasurable long-term benefits, clearing a new path toward a sustainable and cleaner world.

Our proprietary technology can provide a system for nearly any type of solid waste disposal problem. Our due diligence is providing evidence that there is no better system available in the world for any sized municipal and industrial waste disposal applications. Waste is becoming one of the largest global sources of renewable energy making the combination of waste disposal and energy recovery a sustainable industry. 
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Communities with waste-to-energy facilities have an average recycling rate of 33% as compared with the United States average of 28%.

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